St Marlo Racquet Club


  • Nine lighted tennis courts
  • Two clay and seven Har Tru® Sports Coating
  • Women’s/Men’s/Jr.’s teams all seasons
  • Lessons available
  • Clinics and Camps announced on a regular basis
  • Ball Machine Rental $20/hour

Court Reservation and Sign Up

Visit the St Marlo Racquet Club website to make Court Reservations and learn more about the various tennis programs available to residents in good standing. Go to:
St Marlo Racquet Club on
and click on Register and your request for a login will be processed for a 24-hour approval review. You will receive your login information by email.

Contact Director of Tennis, Scott Stubbs, at [email protected], for more information.

Contact Information

Call the Tennis Office for details and reservations

  • Scott Stubbs – Director of Tennis
  • Wendy Fox – Junior Academy Professional

7765 St Marlo Country Club Parkway

Office: 770-495-4055
Hours: Daylight until 11:00 p.m.

Open to St Marlo members in good standing



  1. St Marlo tennis courts are available for use by St Marlo residents in good standing with the Association. Residents who are in good standing with the Association may also invite guests in accordance with the Tennis Rules and Policies so long as the resident is present at the tennis courts with any guest. A St Marlo resident may only reserve and use 1 tennis court at a time unless prior approval is obtained as outlined in the Tennis Rules and Policies. If 1 or more St Marlo residents arrange, formally or informally, to use more than 1 tennis court at the same time with invited guests, that use must be approved in advance in writing by the Tennis Director and the Chair of the Tennis Committee. St Marlo residents must ensure that their nonresident guests comply with standard guest entry protocol when entering the community. Publicizing use of the St Marlo tennis courts to nonresidents through social media or other means of communication is prohibited.
  2. Only those playing tennis, wearing appropriate tennis attire (including NON MARKING tennis shoes) are allowed on the courts. Only tennis equipment is permitted on the courts. No glass of any kind, no scooters, baseball/softball/soccer equipment is allowed.
  3. Proper etiquette and behavior are expected at all times by players, their guests and spectators.
  4. Parents are responsible to ensure children are supervised at all times, and DO NOT disturb play. Children under the age of 12 MUST be supervised by an adult. Children who are not booked to play tennis are NOT permitted on the courts at any time.


  1. The St Marlo Tennis Director/Pro Staff have exclusive rights to tennis instruction at the St Marlo Facility. No other paid tennis instruction may occur.
  2. The St Marlo Tennis Director/Pro Staff have the authority & duty to carry out the rules and policies for the St Marlo Tennis Program, as overseen by the St Marlo Tennis Committee.
  3. Interpretations of the St Marlo Rules & Policies are made at the sole discretion of the Tennis Committee and all decisions reached by the voting majority of the committee will be reflected in writing and are deemed final.


  1. To be able to make court reservations, a St Marlo resident must be registered on the St Marlo Racquet Club Website. A St Marlo resident, who is in good standing and is registered on the St Marlo Racquet Club website, is permitted only one court reservation at a time. Another reservation can be made when the current reservation is used or canceled. A single household may only have two registered residents reserve a court at the same time. All names of Guests must be included when making the Court Reservation.
  2. Court Reservations must be made via the online court reservation system and the name of the St Marlo resident must be included. Reservations can be made up to 7 days in advance. Same-day reservations can be made with the Director if online capability is not available.
  3. The names of Guest and/or the name of Teams in League play must be given to St Marlo Security for the Guest and/or Teams to enter the subdivision. The names of Guests must be included in the Court Reservation system under Notes, when making the court reservation.
  4. The Director of Tennis will provide Security with a list of all regularly scheduled ALTA and USTA matches and guests will be admitted by providing the name of the team or subdivision they are playing for. This rule only applies if the match is to be played at its regularly scheduled time. There is nothing further the captain needs to do in this instance.
  5. For all other matches, the rule requires the name of each player to be called into the gate prior to the match. This requirement applies to all independent league play – T2, Ultimate Tennis, Peach Tennis, etc. This rule also applies to social matches, ALTA and USTA league make up matches and coaching by one of our pros.
  6. League captains are required to inform Security of the names of all non-resident members. The easiest way to do this is to add them to your permanent guest list, but you can also choose to call Security each time they are to enter.
  7. Makeup League matches, T2 matches, or other league matches may not be scheduled on a court unless there is a minimum of 2 hours of availability for the court.
  8. GENERAL PLAY reservations are as follows: – Singles: 2 hours – Doubles: 2.5 hours – A minimum of 1 court must remain available when league match play has assigned courts.
  9. Juniors under the age of 16 may not personally reserve a court.
  10. CANCELLATION of a reserved court time needs to be done as soon as possible. Should a reserved court remain unoccupied for more than 15 minutes, the reservation is considered forfeited if no other courts are available.
  11. Special events such as team league play, community tennis socials, and charity tennis events, previously approved by the Director/Staff, will take precedence over the general use of courts.
  12. Only St Marlo Teams are allowed to use the St Marlo courts for a team practice.


  1. Prior to each ALTA & USTA season, when team schedules become available, the Tennis Director/Pro Staff will schedule a MANDATORY Captain’s meeting to be attended by the Captain, co-Captain or a team representative. At this meeting, a copy of the team schedule/roster, noting the non-residents and their outside fees included, will be given to the Staff. Each team will receive a copy of the St Marlo Rules & Policies. These rules & policies, as well as any new issues, will be reviewed at that time.
    An effort will be made to schedule the pre-season meetings in order to accommodate all teams. Should a team be unavailable for a scheduled meeting, the captain MUST schedule an individual meeting to give the staff the roster, outside fees & schedule as well as receive their information.
  2. Reservations for ALTA, USTA, and other team league play/practice must be made in advance with the St Marlo Tennis Director. These designated court reservations noting court assignments, team captain & date will be posted on the St Marlo reservation system at the beginning of each league season for all home matches. It is the captain’s responsibility to advise the Tennis Director of ANY changes to those reserved slots.
  3. Teams may only have 2 assigned courts for a team practice. A maximum of 6 courts (3 teams) may be scheduled in the same time slot. Courts for clinics/lessons scheduled by the Tennis Director/Pro Staff will take precedence.
  4. Every effort will be made to accommodate a team’s request for team clinics and team practice. If necessary, the lottery method will be used by the Director to determine those times.
  5. During the competitive tennis season, the Director/Staff will review all home match schedules. Teams will be assigned at least 2 courts per home match. If there are only 2 teams scheduled to be at home, the Director can assign a third court to each team. Once match play has begun on those courts, no reservations can be made until the match is completed. This overrides the court reservation rule limitations.


  1. All teams are to be Captained by a St Marlo resident in good standing. All residents in good standing can participate on St Marlo teams.
    Written approval must be received from the Tennis Committee before any new team may be formed or any existing teams may be combined to form new rosters. Proposed final rosters must be submitted to the Tennis Director for consideration a minimum of 2 weeks prior to league roster deadlines. No new teams will be approved unless there are 50% or more residents on the final roster including any subsequent additions. All new roster additions must be submitted to the tennis director for consideration prior to being added to league rosters. Impact on existing teams will be a factor to be considered in approval.
  3. The Tennis Director will make every effort to place any resident, either old or new residents, on a St Marlo team consistent with their level of play. The resident should request to be rated by the Tennis Director and will be given the names of Captains to contact regarding potentially joining the teams for which they qualify. Their names will also be provided to all Team Captains for teams they are qualified to join. The Tennis Director will maintain a “waiting list” of residents wanting to join a Team. New Teams will be formed when there are sufficient numbers of residents on the Waiting List.
  4. Residents in good standing have precedence over non-residents as it relates to the addition of team players. In the addition of a new resident to a team, it is not required to remove any existing non-resident team members.
  5. For teams to play out of St Marlo all rosters must have 50% residents on their roster. Rosters must be pre-approved by the St Marlo Tennis Director prior to submission to ALTA or USTA. Non-residents are required to pay the non-resident/outside fee.
  6. Non-residents on a St Marlo roster do not have any additional tennis privileges within the St Marlo community. These non-resident members are considered guests when attending team practice/clinic/match play or social play with a resident in good standing. Should there be any question as to whether or not a non-resident can be added or remain on a team, the Tennis Committee will be the final authority. It is the responsibility of a Captain to advise the Tennis Director of any resident or non-resident additions to their roster regardless of when this addition occurs.
  7. Non-Residents on a St Marlo roster are required to pay the outside fee per season as follows: – $30 per adult per team. – $10 per junior per team
    Should a non-resident be on multiple team rosters (ALTA/USTA) during the same season, the outside fees shall be collected for each team.
    Non-receipt of the above fees will result in the exclusion of a team from the St Marlo facility by authorization of the Tennis Committee.


  1. All residents are responsible to maintain the court, spectator, cabana, & grill areas after each use. There are numerous trash & RECYCLE bins available.
  2. Team Captains are responsible for monitoring the clean-up during match days. Fines can be assessed to any team leaving their area without being cleaned.
  3. All personal items left behind need to be given to a staff member for placement in the lost & found. These items will remain there for 4 weeks until their disposal.
  4. It is the responsibility of the Director/Pros to ensure all courts are reasonably cleared of debris, trash cans/tidy bins emptied & have squeegees available, prior to the start of scheduled matches, and as appropriate, all other times.


  1. The Tennis Rules will be monitored and enforced by the St Marlo Security, the St Marlo Tennis Pros, and the St Marlo Tennis Committee.
  2. A violation of any tennis rule will result in a written warning, and after one warning, the resident may be subject to a fine of $50.


Issues should be either written and signed, or emailed, to either the Tennis Director or to the Chairperson of the Tennis Committee. All written and signed issues will be brought before the Tennis Committee for discussion and a resolution.

The St Marlo Racquet Club Tennis Rules can be downloaded here.

Last updated May 9, 2016. Please note that information listed here may not be current and is subject to change without notice.